About Us

Sofia Electric Brewing was started as an idea behind a terminal in 2018 by Simeon Parvanov. After long and somewhat painful process the brewery finally started fermenting beers in the heart of Sofia in June 2020.

Our Mission

We believe that good beer is a basic human right and great beer is what we produce!

We want to create a center of creative beverage brewing in Sofia where the art of brewing can meet creativity and flourish.

Our doors are always open for colaborations and fun!

Our Team

Crazies who like good beer.

Simeon has been involved with homebrewing from the early days of university in Sofia. Later life took him away from brewing into the realms of IT, but he managed to escape back into world of fermentations.

Todor is our production brewer who is an alround beer lover!

Aiden Allen is our Australian head brewer. He joined after working at Pohjala and Siren. Now he wonders the streets of Sofia looking for inspiration.